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Manglesh Dangwal

Manglesh Dangwal


Pritam Bhartwan

Pritam Bhartwan

Pritam Bhartwan is among the most popular young folk singer in Uttarakhand, today. He attained towering success with his VCD ‘Saruli.’ His latest number ‘Meri Bejora’, released last year, is also doing good business.
He was born at village Silla in Raipur block of Dehradun. The year 1994 saw Bhartwan’s first audio and two years later he attained high fame with ‘Tausa Bao’. He now has 18 audio cassettes and eight VCDs to his credit. Pritam proved his talent at a very young age when he obtained B (high) grade of the AIR in 1988. Belonging to a traditional tribe engaged in folk performances, Prtiam has obtained success despite all odds.

Anuradha Nirala

Meena Rana


Her schooling was done from Bathla Memorial Girls Senior Secondary School, Rajpur Road, Delhi till 9th standard and then from Girls Inter College (GIC) Mussoorie.
After getting married to Sh. Sanjay Kumola they settled in Delhi. Her husband is a Music Director by profession and runs a music studio Surabhi Multi Track Sound Studio named after their daughter.
She has an elder sister Uma who ismarried to Sh. Ram Lal ji and stay in Mussoorie, and a brother Mohan.
She started singing at a very early age when she a student. She got her first chance to perform in Akashwani Club. Mukesh Lal Kumola, was the president of that club.
During her early time she was not so fluent in Garhwali(dialect) so she performed a Hindi song ‘Naino Mein Badra Chhaye’. That went so good that for this I got so much appreciation from the people and media.
Mani Bharti and Puran Singh Rawat took note of her and after a few days they contacted Sh. Ram Lal and asked him if he can allow me to sing for them. Everything got sought after his permission and so she came to Delhi for her first recording. It was her first break for the movie ‘Nauni Pichadi Nauni’. She was in class 10th that time.

In the year 1993 she got her first break after which initially she sang for many albums with her elder sister Uma Rana. She got so many chances and sometimes got rejected too, reason being, voice was not so matured at that time.
In the year 1996 Pritam Bartwan gave her a chance to sing in one of his album. Then Narendra Negi gave her chance to sing with him. As of now now she has performed with almost all the renowned singers of Uttarakhand like Narendra Singh Negi, Pritam Bharatwan, Fauji Lalit Mohan Joshi, Gajendra Rana, Anil Bisht and other famous Uttaranchali singers. Her own releases include “Raajuli” and “Saruli”.She is the most active female singer in Uttrakhand in this time. She can be seen almost every Uttrakhandi Songs Album as a female singer.
Accordind to an interview in 2010, given by her, she has sang more than 11,000 songs for 2,000 albums or more in languages like Garhwali, Kumaoni, Jaunsari, Jaunpuri, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Kargali, Balti and in Hindi. It also includes more than 500 songs which she have sang in Ladhaki.

Gajander Rana

Gajendra Rana (born 1980) is a versatile Uttaranchali singer. His popular songs include Maalu, Leela Ghasyari, Rani Gorkhani, Pushpa Chori and Hema Marchayani. He started his carrier in the year 1997, but with 2000 song ‘LEELA GASHYARI’ he was recognized. His song ‘MAALU’ made him very popular and famous in Uttrakhandi youth. His distinct, sweet, powerful voice and style of singing is quite different among all Garhwali singers. His voice contains feelings of young garhwali youngster and he is famous between youngster of Uttrakhand. He was born in Delhi, but his village is Gend which comes under Nagri region of Chamba, Tehri District. HE studied till fourth standard in a village school. At that time his father was posted in Delhi. So he did rest of the schooling from Senior Sec. School, Malviyanagar and Graduation from Aurobindo College, Delhi. He stayed in Delhi for 21 years and is now settled in Dehradun. He has five brothers and sisters.

Narendre Singh Negi

Narendra Singh Negi is one of the most prominent folk singers of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. In Uttarkhand it is a famous saying that if you want to know about Uttarakhnd, its people, society, life, culture, traditions and politics then either refer to books of scholars or listen to the songs of Nrendra Singh Negi. An institution by himself Shri Negi is amongst the most popular artists of Uttarakhand. He is not a mere entertainer but he is an artist, a singer, a composer and a poet, who is sensitive to his surroundings.